Pre-study Internship


  • The study and examination regulations (SPO) for the Bachelor's degree programme in Mechatronics require a pre-study internship of a total of 6 weeks. Since this is an admission requirement, the pre-study internship must usually be completed before starting the degree programme. In exceptional cases, it can be completed by the end of the second semester at the latest. In view of the time commitment after the start of the degree programme, it is expressly recommended that the pre-study internship is completed before the start of the degree programme.
  • The pre-study internship can be distributed among several companies, especially if one company is not able to cover the contents of the training sections mentioned below. If the pre-study internship is completed in several sections, each practical section must have a length of at least 3 weeks.
  • The internship company must ensure a technically oriented internship activity under qualified supervision. This is usually fulfilled if the company trains in a technical industrial or technical craft occupation.
  • Proof of completion of the pre-study internship must be submitted to the Department of Student Affairs as soon as the entire pre-study internship has been completed.

    Waiver of the pre-study internship

    • The pre-study internship is completely waived for first-year students who have completed relevant vocational training. A list of the relevant training occupations can be found below.
    • The pre-study internship is also completely waived if proof can be provided of relevant professional activity within the meaning of these guidelines (this also includes holiday jobs) lasting at least half a year. The occupation must have been carried out full-time. An employer's reference clearly stating the scope and content of the activity must be submitted upon enrolment.
    • Graduates of the technical branch of the Fachoberschule (FOS) and graduates of the Berufsoberschule (BOS) are also completely exempted from the pre-study internship. Graduates of corresponding technical Gymnasien (TG) of other federal states receive full waiver against proof of the contents of the training.

      General training objectives of the pre-study internship

      • Insight into technical and organisational interrelations of the development and production process as well as experience in the operational working environment and with the social structures of the company.
      • To acquire basic knowledge and skills in areas such as production, assembly or the servicing of technical systems.

        During the six-week pre-study internship, at least two of the following three training areas must be chosen. The duration of training in one area should be at least two weeks.


        • Electrical installation (wiring, control panel)
        • Electrical components (sensors, actuators) and machines
        • Production, assembly, service of technical systems


            • Metalworking (e.g. machining, forming, joining/separating, etc.)
            • Manufacturing processes/machines
            • Assembly, maintenance, repair of machines

            Control and Information Technology

            • Data processing and transmission (digital signal processing, communication, bus systems)
            • Information technology (database systems, applications, operating systems)
            • Design and programming of mechatronic systems (programmable logic controllers, control mechanisms)

              German regulated professions resulting in waiver of pre-study internship

              • Anlagenmechaniker
              • Automobilmechaniker
              • Büroinformationselektroniker
              • Elektroinstallateur
              • Elektromaschinenmonteur
              • Elektromechaniker
              • Elektroniker für Automatisierungstechnik
              • Elektroniker für Maschinen und Anlagen
              • Energieelektroniker
              • Feinmechaniker
              • Fluggerätemechaniker
              • Gas- und Wasserinstallateur
              • Industrieelektroniker
              • Industriemechaniker
              • IT-Systemelektroniker
              • KFZ-Elektriker
              • KFZ-Mechatroniker
              • Kommunikationselektroniker
              • Konstruktionsmechaniker
              • Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbauer
              • Landmaschinenmechaniker
              • Landmaschinenschlosser
              • Lokführer
              • Maschinenbaumechaniker
              • Mechatroniker
              • Metallbauer
              • Mess- und Regelungstechniker
              • Schiffsmechaniker
              • Radio- und Fernsehtechniker
              • Technischer Produktdesigner
              • Technischer Zeichner
              • Verfahrensmechaniker
              • Werkzeugmechaniker
              • Zentralheizungs- und Lüftungsbauer
              • Zerspanungsmechaniker
              • Zweiradmechaniker

              First-year students who have completed vocational training in an apprenticeship not listed here can apply for a waiver of the entire pre-study internship at the Department of Student Affairs. The prerequisite for this is that the training content of the pre-study internship forms an essential part of the vocational training.