Foundation Phase

The foundation phase consists of three semesters. A short description of the modules for this phase is given in the following tables. For further details please consult the module handbook.

First Semester

S. No.Module CH CP Type
1 Computing 145 SU, Pr
2 Engineering Mathematics 167 SU, Ü
3 Physics45 SU, Ü, Pr
4 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering68 SU, Ü
5 Fundamentals of Mechanical Design with 3D-CAD               45 SU, Ü, Pr
Sum 2430

Second Semester

S. No.Module CH CP Type
6 Computing 256 SU, Pr
7 Engineering Mathematics 267 SU, Ü
8 Electrical Engineering 166 SU, Ü
9 Engineering Mechanics 1 (Statics)                                              45 SU, Ü
10 Foreign Language22 S
11 Microcomputer Systems44* SU, Ü, Pr
Sum 2730

Third Semester

S. No.Module CH CP Type
11 Microcomputer Systems34 SU, Ü, Pr
12 Numerical Mathematics46 SU, Ü, Pr
13 Electrical Engineering 245 SU, Ü
14 Elements of Mechanical Design and Strength of Materials45 SU, Ü
15 Engineering Mechanics 2 (Dynamics)45 SU, Ü
16 General Electives45 SU, Ü
Sum 2330

*: Credit points are assigned after an examination in another semester.

CP: credit points; CH: credit hours; SU: Seminaristischer Unterricht/lecture;
Ü: Übung/exercise; Pr: Praktikum/laboratory; S: Seminar/seminar