The Programme Structure

The Bachelor’s degree programme Mechatronics is modularised. The whole coursework is composed of 31 modules. These modules are organised in three phases over a time span of seven semesters. The following chart gives an overview of the course structure whereas further details are described in the following sections.

Phase Semesters Description
Foundation Phase 1-3 The modules offered in this phase build a solid foundation for mechatronics. In addition to mathematics, computing, physics and fundamentals of engineering sciences some general electives, soft skills and foreign languages are also included in the curriculum.
Core Phase 4-5 This phase of the study programme deals with core modules of mechatronics. The theory and lab courses offered at this stage involve control systems, measuring techniques, actuators, software engineering, embedded systems, design & simulation of mechatronic systems etc. A wide range of core electives with direct industrial relevance to automation, robotics, power engineering, automotive and manufacturing sectors is also offered in the fifth semester.
Application and Industrial Phase 6-7 The final phase of the study programme involves practical training with real-world problems. The major part of the sixth semester is an internship in industry. During this internship students get chances to apply their knowledge to the industrial problems. This way they develop a problem-solving approach. The seventh semester involves an engineering project, a bachelor thesis, a seminar and some interdisciplinary lab work.