Important Documents

This section contains only public-domain documents. Further documents including course schedules, prescribed forms and guidelines are available on our intranet.

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Document Description Language
SPO IMC: Studien- und Prüfungsordnung für den Studiengang Bachelor „Mechatronics“ This official document describes the study and examination regulations for the bachelor’s degree programme “Mechatronics” German
SPO IMC: Study and Examination Regulations for the degree programme Bachelor of Mechatronics This document is the English translation of the official SPO IMC English
Studienplan des Studiengangs Mechatronics This document describes the curriculum of the degree programme German
A Compact Study Guide to the Bachelor’s Degree Programme This compact study guide also includes the English translation of the “Studienplan” (curriculum) English
Module handbook of the degree programme Bachelor of Mechatronics This handbook describes the contents and learning objectives of all the modules of this degree programme English
Information regarding the pre-study internship A brief description of the requirements of the pre-study internship English